• Issues sync between Marketo and Dynamics

    Hi I sync some contacts from a static list between Marketo and CRM but it seems like some of those records did not update their UTM campaign. I don't know why this is happening even when they have the lead ID in the ...
    Pilar Hortua
    created by Pilar Hortua
  • Contacts are not receiving emails

    Hi all, we are having more and more complaints about contacts on our distribution list not receiving our emails. Interestingly, one guy at company X is receiving it but his colleague also from company X is not. Have y...
    Francois Tordo
    created by Francois Tordo
  • Marketo Click Rates and Google Analytics

    Hi.   We're seeing a fairly large discrepancy between the click to open rate in our Marketo reports and the actual traffic as reported by our Google Analytics to those same articles we are linking to from within...
    Tim O'Keeffe
    created by Tim O'Keeffe
  • Confused about nested nurture programs.

    Hi, I am Manisha. I will be giving Marketo expert-level certification next month. I have only basic-level hands-on experience on the tool. I need help in understanding nested nurture programs. I understand how to crea...
    Manisha Kumra
    created by Manisha Kumra
  • Adding Send Alerts to Engagement Streams

    Is there any way to add send alerts to an engagement stream? I have a stream set up but now need to add send alerts to each email to go to the contact owner. Is there any way this can be accomplished?
    Micaela Rodriguez
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  • Marketo User Group Leader Application

    Don't see a Marketo User Group (MUG) in your region? Contact the Customer Advocacy team (customeradvocacy@marketo.com), and tell us why you think you would be a great Marketo User Group Leader! Remember to read U...
    last modified by Meghana Rao
  • How do I add/update contact on Marketo using a webhook

    We have client data on Zoho and have setup a workflow where certain contact updates should trigger a webhook and pass client info to Marketo.   I have spent a few hours now trying to figure out the 'correct' way...
    Micah Baird
    created by Micah Baird
  • How far down does someone scroll?

    I'm trying to see if there is a way to learn how far down a customer scrolls in our emails. Our emails are long and I need to see if people are actually scrolling to the bottom (or at least how far down, if not all th...
    Micah Honeycutt
    created by Micah Honeycutt
  • Share Event Feature

    I am creating a new email design and started with one if the Marketo event templates. Within this template there is a sections that says "Share this event" followed by a facebook, twitter, and LinkedIN icon. However w...
    Taylor Munson
    created by Taylor Munson
  • no email notifications in salesforce when use marketo to set salesforce task notifications

    Salesforce Task notifications are not being sent   I'm setting up a program in MKTO where one of the flow steps is to create a task in SFDC and notify the assigned-to user. I've done this many times in the past...
    Ajinkya Shahane
    created by Ajinkya Shahane
  • Salesforce Sync Warning: Change in Salesforce Field Type

    Hi!   I have this problem:   Salesforce Sync Warning Why: The following Salesforce custom fields may not be synced because their types have changed:   Salesforce      ...
    Ivan P
    created by Ivan P
  • Partner Guidelines for Sponsoring a User Group

    Are you a Marketo partner and interested in sponsoring a Marketo User Group (MUG)? Fill out this form to send our MUG Leaders a notification about your interest, and they will reach out to you if they would like to pu...
    Meghana Rao
    last modified by Meghana Rao
  • Leads management solution

    We are looking for a lead management solution. We need to be able to receive leads from multiple sources and route them to multiple channels (based on certain business rules). Also, we need to be able to track lead ...
    Mohammad Adil
    created by Mohammad Adil
  • Data From Custom Object appear in Api Rest but not in View Leads Objects

    When I consulted a custom Object in Marketo this one appears (Api Rest). But when Visualizing it in the Objects view of the Lead does not appear. This is a Marketo Bug?
    Luis Gomez
    created by Luis Gomez
  • Email Module Template with Turning on/off option issue!

    Hi There,   I have developed couple of email template module based for Email 2.0 with adding codes for Turning on/off option, so our client can easily use require module based on their target audience.   H...
    Mohi Uddin
    created by Mohi Uddin
  • What does "marketoGUID" represent?

    Looking through the Bulk Extract API documentation, I think the marketoGUID represents the UID for that particular object? So, for example, if exporting the Activity "Clicks Link in Email," the marketoGUID would stand...
    Angelica Krott
    created by Angelica Krott
  • List of all email campaigns through REST API

    Digging through the REST API documentation. Along with being able to extract from the API all clicks, opens, bounces and sends for all email campaigns, I'll also need to extract a summary of all email campaigns indica...
    Angelica Krott
    created by Angelica Krott
  • How can "All Casts" total be significantly lower than the number of leads in the stream?

    Hi,   We have a case in our stream that the "All cast" number is significantly lower than the number of the leads in the Stream.   For example: In the Stream, we have: 2243And in the All cast we have: 1555...
    Hadar Ron Levin
    created by Hadar Ron Levin
  • New to Marekto - Event ROI and SFDC sync

    Hello everyone,   I just joined a very small company as the event marketing lead and we currently have no Marketing Operations. In my previous roles we were able to get some basic information on influenced reven...
    Kelly Carlsted
    created by Kelly Carlsted
  • Automated import / export of opt-outs

    Hi there, We have to automate import and export of opt outs between Marketo and Marketing Cloud. I'd prefer not to have to go through the API. Marketing Cloud will easily allow me to automate import / export through ...
    Angelica Krott
    created by Angelica Krott