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Now that GDPR is in full swing and hopefully most people have recovered from the May 25th Day of reckoning, I had a lot of questions about GDPR.  So far, I’ve been sat on the outside of the whole GDPR issue and I was interested to learn more.  I've read so many blog posts, watch videos, looked at infographics etc. etc. etc. but even with all the information that is out there I still had questions, and now that GDPR is in full flow I thought now would be a good time to see how everyone has dealt with it, or what they're still dealing with and what we think is going to happen next.  The discussion starts from the very basics up to how it should be dealt with in Marketo and what responsibilities MOPS have.  On the chat we had Joe Reitz, Jenn DiMaria, Sydney Mulligan, Jessica Kao, Geoff Krajeski, Enrico de Leon


Below are the questions I asked:

  1. What exactly is GDPR and how does it affect the use of Marketo?
  2. If a company doesn’t operate in the EU do they still have to be GDPR Compliant?
  3. Is it the MOPs team responsibility?
  4. Any quick tips?
  5. I’ve seen more and more GDPR emails coming through, how much will this affect people's databases as I imagine lots of people won’t ‘opt-in’.  What’s the expected response rate?


So take a look and see what you think, I learnt a lot in 30mins, more than I've probably learnt over the past few months.

If you have anymore GDPR questions, feel free to ask and I'm sure someone will be able to help, I might even be able to help a little now!


#KreweChats Episode 14: GDPR - A Recap - YouTube


I've also got links to lots of other documents/videos/presentations/blogs etc, so if anyone wants those I'm more than happy to share below.

With Summit at the forefront of everyones minds right now we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to talk about some of our experiences, and how you can get the most of the one of the single best learning resources for Marketers.  We looked at our top tips, best practice for planning, selling Summit to you bosses (make sure you don't mention the shenanigans!) and if you're still sitting on the fence why it's so valuable for you.


Thank you to Joe Reitz, Geoff Krajeski, Dory Viscogliosi and our amazing as ever guest speaker Jessica Kao.


We hope you enjoy the chat and we can't wait to meet you at Summit to join in with our #krewe shenanigans!


#KreweChats Episode 16: Marketo Summit! - YouTube

Hi #MKTGNation!


On Friday we aired our latest #KreweChat which took us from where we left Episode 11: Email Editor 2.0 and moved into more advanced email tips and best practices.  I had the pleasure of Joe Reitz, Ande Kempf, Dory Viscogliosi, Jenn DiMaria and Geoff on the Chat with me. 


Email marketing and Email nurturing are a critical component to business as we know it today. Since the development of the first “electronic mail” back in the 1960s (yes, I said 60s) the use has spread from experimental to government to civilian use.  The 90s and the internet boom helped to usher in the popular use of email as we know it today. One could hardly imagine doing business today without email, instant and text messaging.


We cover of topics such as the parts of an email, SPF/DKIM, A/B Testing, Blacklisting and Emojii use.


Check it out here: #KreweChats Episode 14: Email Tips & Best Practice - YouTube


Please comment with any questions, suggestions for the next chat, tips or best practices that we have missed.




Hi Marketo Community!


Last week we hosted our latest episode of #KreweChats, which can be seen again here: #KreweChats Episode 11: Email Editor 2.0 & Audit Trail - YouTube!  I can’t quite believe we’re already up to 11 episodes.  So, for this one we looked back at some of the most sought after releases of 2016.  These were Email Editor 2.0 and Audit Trail. 


On the chat was Joe Reitz, Rachel Egan, Geoff Krajeski, Ande Kempf, Dory Viscogliosi and Myself.  It included a couple of Live Screen Shares (Thank you Joe!) to show what Email Editor 2.0 and Audit Trail look like within an instance.  We discussed the benefits and disadvantages of both new features and looked at why they were needed and how they could be improved for the next release – we wouldn’t be Champions if we didn’t always have ideas for improvements!


Hope you enjoy watching this eposide and we look forward to seeing you for our last epsodie of the year on 12/16/16 @ 3:30pm ET.  On this episode we will take a look back at 2016 and see how the world of Marketing, Marketo and KreweChats has grown.  Come along and get Merry with us!






#KreweChats Episode 11: Email Editor 2.0 & Audit Trail - YouTube

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