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Joe Reitz

Marketo-Fu: Vlog Launch

Posted by Joe Reitz Champion Oct 27, 2016

Hey #MKTGNation!


A couple weeks ago, I started recording a daily (ish) live YouTube series on "how to Marketo." That's a dumb name, so I opted instead to call it Marketo-Fu (literally made up on the fly, like 30 seconds into the first video). This is a very down-and-dirty, genuine series, where I decided to dump the polish of some of the other Nation Talks videos because... well, honestly, these are easier and quicker to make, and still just as valuable in terms of knowledge development! I try to make these short, single-serve topics at around 5-10 minute in length, so perfect for that 4:45 crunch where you don't feel like starting something new, but you also don't want to be the first person to go home, either


Don't even act like that's not a thing in your office. I know. I've been there


The ultimate vision for this series is to have a few different tracks for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users, and continually add episodes to the playlists as either:


     A) I think of them

     B) my clients would find them useful reference material, or

     C) You ask for them.


I just completed the 10th episode in the beginner track and will be moving on to the more Intermediate and Advanced tracks in the weeks ahead, but I wanted to post here to share and get the conversation going!


You can watch the first 10 episodes here, and start making your Marketo-Fu strong! Marketo-Fu (Beginner) - YouTube!


So... What other stuff would you like to see covered on a future episode? The tentative line up for the Intermediate/Advanced Tracks includes:


  • Lead Scoring
  • Alerts
  • MSI Overview - Interesting Moments, Prioritization, etc.
  • Bounce Management
  • Merging Dups
  • Advanced Flow Steps – Request Campaigns, Remove from Flow, Change Data Value
  • A/B Testing - 3 methods (Spoiler: This exists already )
  • Attribution – First Touch & Multi Touch
  • Web Personalization
  • ABM




Hey Marketo! We're at it again with another two episodes of Krewe Chats! Two weeks ago, and also today we covered Lead Lifecycle and the Revenue Cycle Modeler. It was way too much to fit into just one episode, so we had to cut our first chat short and follow up on the next episode.


In these episodes, we cover a ton of useful lifecycle stuff! MQL, SQL, OMG!! (I just like saying that, but hey... who doesn't?!) Julz James, Sydney Mulligan, Jenn DiMaria, Rachel Egan, Geoff Krajeski, Joe Reitz and I get down into the nitty gritty of first steps to setting up the lifecycle modeler, who should be involved in the conversations, and then how you can actually get the ball moving, and what to do with the data once you're done.


Check out Episode 7 here: #KreweChats Episode 7: Lead Lifecyle & Revenue Modeler - YouTube

And Episode 8 here: #KreweChats Episode 8: The Revenue Cycle Modeler - YouTube


In these episodes we cover:

  • Our favorite random facts, and favorite beverages
  • Common stages that you might see in a lifecycle model
  • Who else should be involved in the conversations about setting up a lead lifecycle? (Hint: Not just marketing!!)
  • What are some of the key questions that you should be asking in these initial discovery conversations?
  • How do lifecycle stages translate and tie into Marketo's Revenue Cycle Modeler?
  • Now what in the world do we do with all of this data?!


Also, here's the lifecycle that we shared during the chat. This is basic, but can always be tweaked to your specific needs!



We look forward to our next chat, be sure to join us on November 4th, at 3:30pm ET for the next #KreweChats



Check out Episode 7 here: #KreweChats Episode 7: Lead Lifecyle & Revenue Modeler - YouTube

And Episode 8 here: #KreweChats Episode 8: The Revenue Cycle Modeler - YouTube

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