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Shea Cibulsky
This week’s Champion Spotlight is Juli James. Let’s get to know Juli a little bit better!     Company: St. Edwards University Title: Assistant Professor Location: Austin, TX Hometown: Cardiff, Wales   What was your first job? Electronics Engineer   How and when did you get started with Marketo? What was your first role and initial reaction to the… (Show more)
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Grégoire Michel
This post it to elaborate some strategies to handle the "sync with Marketo", based on the findings we had on how this field really work ("Sync with Marketo" mysteries part 1)   If you want to prevent some leads to be sync'ed to Marketo from the early beginning Just set the "Sync with Marketo" to False in SFDC before enabling the sync. In the… (Show more)
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Jeff Coveney
  There are many Marketo best practices but landing pages and forms tend to have the most variance when rolled out by customers. It’s like a top 40 playlist of all your friends---everyone has about the same songs but there are always differences, For example, GNR always makes it onto mine even though they haven’t had a hit in 25 years.   Should… (Show more)
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Jessica Cross
Sometimes, you need a static list to behave like a smart list. Static lists I think get forgotten. They are fantastic tools that I think more Marketo users should leverage.   In this quick post I'm going to outline how you can use a batch smart campaign, smart list, to make a regular static list update on a regular cadence. This technic is… (Show more)
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Rachel Noble
Our first engagement program took four months to set up. It was our first big accomplishment after implementing Marketo, and believe me, we celebrated! It had one stream made up of seven emails that went out Wednesday mornings at 9am. We immediately saw a huge lift in engagement which, at the time, meant the same lift in the number of MQL alerts… (Show more)
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Katie Pope
This week’s Champion Spotlight is Chris Saporito. Let’s get to know Chris a little bit better!   Company: Paycor Job Title: Senior Marketing Automation Analyst Location: Cincinnati, OH Hometown: Franklin, OH   What was your first job? Sales Associate at Sears   How and when did you get started with Marketo? What was your first role and… (Show more)
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Erik Heldebro
  One thing I have noticed when creating a more complicated nurture in Marketo, you have to be creative to make things work the way you want them to and the great part about Marketo is that you have a whole arsenal of features available.   This hack works with a lot of use cases, but the specific way I got to making it was when a client wanted a… (Show more)
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Will Cooper
Does anyone know how to allow a recipient of a Marketo email to unsubscribe with 1 click from within the email?   I'm trying to avoid forcing the recipient to have to visit our standard unsubscribe page and click a 2nd time before being unsubscribed and seeing our confirmation page.   Thanks!   Will
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Champions are Marketo's most advanced customers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the Marketo Community, are Marketo Certified Experts, are avid contributors in the social world, and are loyal advocates of the Marketo brand. There are two deadlines to apply. Dec. 15th and June 15th.   To learn more about the program view…
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Hardik Pipaliya
Is there a way to find out how many or who are deleting from Salesforce? I am trying to build a list of people who are deleted from Salesforce. Activity log shows "Delete person from Salesforce" if i delete a person from Salesforce.
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