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Beth Kinamore
Hi there - I am seeing that I have a massive list of Email Invalid, when in fact the email is valid. How do I go about updating this to uncheck the Email Invalid checkbox?   I need these people to start receiving our emails!   Beth
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Grace Brebner
Email is complicated.   And surprisingly enough, it's rarely given the attention it deserves - especially considering the foundational role it tends to play in marketing automation. For people who are new to Marketo, or new to email marketing, it can be a hard nut to crack - as I see it, for two main reasons: Email requires a multitude of skill… (Show more)
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Lena Masrialterman
Hi,  I've built out Engagement Program containing 2 streams (1st - running once a week, 2nd - running once a month). There are 4 default programs activated in each stream (each program holds an email). Is there a way to set up an accelerated test the way the emails of the first stream will run 10 mins apart, and emails of the second stream - 15… (Show more)
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Josh Grant
Click to view contentHello,   I wanted to open this up for discussion on nesting email programs in default programs. Below you will see our batch sends today and an idea I am playing with of nesting email programs in default programs for multiple batch sends in a program to do things like simplify A/B testing.   On the first campaign (what we use today) you will… (Show more)
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Grégoire Michel
This post is the last one of a 3 parts series, starting with this one: Testing the email editor 2.0: Great features, a few glitches and the strong need for a v2.1 and this one: Upgrading to the new email editor 2.0: a recommended migration path   From the tests we have ran, we found out that some of the features where not complete and that some… (Show more)
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Jenn DiMaria
Click to view contentAnother Summit is behind us and with it came a bunch of FAQs. As with any conference, information overload is a very real thing and 45-minute sessions can’t cover everything we want to say or answer every question asked (hence why we preface each year’s session with the words “rapid-fire”).   Juli James and I were lucky enough to get a bunch of… (Show more)
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Jessica Kao
A good friend of mine just started on his Marketo journey and got a brand new instance. (So jealous) and asked me how a Marketo Newbie can get started training wise. As I was putting the list together of resources, I realized I get asked this question many times and thought I’d share my favorite go to resources.   Marketo Instance Set up Checklist… (Show more)
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Michelle Miles
It’s been one year since GDPR went into effect, what was the impact, what did we learn and what’s looming ahead?   In the first few months after GDPR went “live,” our headlines were filled with stories of complaints and violations. According to a report by DLA Piper, over 59,000 data breaches were reported in the first eight months of GDPR going… (Show more)
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Justin Norris
Click to view contentSometimes I think asking, “Which attribution model do you prefer and why?” would be a great (marketing) conversation starter. From single-touch to complex regression-based analysis, some marketers are passionate about a particular method while others are still contemplating which is the best option. The topic sparks an interesting discussion.  … (Show more)
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