Brian Law

Program Success Date Best Practices

Blog Post created by Brian Law Employee on Feb 9, 2016

The program success date is set when a record’s program status is changed to the status which is associated to “Success”. You can’t see the success date when you click on the members tab in a program. The program success date is super critical for RCE attribution reporting (e.g. Program Opportunity Analysis report) since to accurately give credit to the program for influencing the creation of an opportunity or the close of it, program success needs to be set before the opportunity is created or closed.


I recommend not changing the program status to ‘Not in Program’ to remove members from a program if you need to change the channel or move the program to another workspace. When you use this status it will clear the success date. You can use Marketo to reset the program success date but there is no easy way to determine the original success date and it may be manually intensive to set multiple success dates.


Here is the Flow step for setting the success date. Remember to set program status first and then the success date.

Succes date.JPG           


As I mentioned in a different article there is no method to reset the membership date back to the original membership date. If the program was the one which acquired the record, removing a record from a program will also clear the acquisition program and acquisition date which will mess up attribution reporting. I will explain the best way to reset the acquisition date in a future article.