You’re new to Marketo. Your head is swimming after Foundation workshop. You’re lost in the community. What webinars to watch? What blogs to read? What documentation or discussion posts are relevant? And for that matter, where do you find all this stuff?


No doubt, there is a lot of information, and a lot to learn. Don’t feel intimidated. As many in this community can attest to. We’ve. Been. There.


Sometimes clients ask me how long it’ll take before they really “get it.” That’s a tough question to answer, and I try to not give a definitive one. What I do say is that it really depends on how much time you’re willing to invest in your own learning, and how much your executive sponsor is willing to invest in you.


In the short-term, I direct my clients to a roadmap for consulting and learning that has been developed over the years by our fantastic crew of Marketo enablement consultants. While clients new to Marketo get the benefit of this curriculum during their "Launch Pack,” there’s a constant flow of new users to Marketo who are inheriting a role and instance and have no idea where to start.


So, for the benefit of the wider community of marketers who don’t work with our consulting team from the get-go, below is a list of resources and learning path/curriculum that I hope will help you navigate your Marketo self-learning journey.


Note: This post is written from the perspective of the SMB consulting team, which I work on. Credit for this post goes to the consulting, education, and marketing team who’ve created or pulled these resources together.


This post is organized into THREE types of resources:





This is the order of operations I recommend for getting help – these resources are all FREE:

  • Product Docs ( Product documentation including easy to follow how-to’s with screenshots on all product features. It’s amazing how many of my clients never visit this resource, which is a great inventory of product features that will give you a bird’s eye view of the platform. At least scan it!
  • Community ( Search how-to’s, best practices, and issues posted by other Marketo users, or ask yours. You’d be surprised how quickly the community will come to your help!
  • Support ( Submit a support ticket. Better suited for issues and how-to’s than best practices.


Example of what you see in our Product Docs site:


Don’t have the time, but have some budget? For speed and expediency, consider PAID resources:


  • Office Hours: Purchase monthly office hours – unlimited daily group sessions led by a Marketo consultant for quick questions, how-to’s, best practices, and issues. Registration is limited to 8 per session and questions are taken round-robin style in a daily, 1-hour GoToTraining format. Email for more information.
  • Marketo Consulting: Did you know you can engage our Marketo consultants too? Bring us on for project- and goal-specific needs, purchase hours for ad-hoc consulting, or scope out new templates with our creative services team. Email for more information.
  • Third-Party Independent Consultants and Agencies: There’s no shortage of third-party help. Look for independent consultants in the community, or among our list of Marketo Champions. A short list of Marketo agency partners is on our LaunchPoint site.



Know that these additional resources exist – and bookmark them for future reference:

  • Marketo University ( For free on-demand videos – filter for "online" to see all of them.
  • Marketo Passport: In addition to free on-demand webinars, Marketo offers a subscription service to weekly live-instructor led classes on a range of topics. These are included in the Marketo learning curriculum below. Email to learn more.
  • Marketo Blogs: Keep up-to-date with great tips and tricks from employees and the community.
  • Marketo User Groups: Find a user group in your area and meet/connect with other Marketo users for continued learning and networking.
  • Marketo LaunchPoint ( To explore third party integrations from technology platforms that can extend your Marketo capabilities.
  • Marketo Developer ( If you’re doing any custom development or integration, go here.



This curriculum is in order of priority for a new user to Marketo, and reflects how the Marketo consulting team approaches our Launch Packs with new clients. Included are several types of resources – choose the type that suits your learning style:


  • PDFs: Cheat sheets, PowerPoints, and e-books
  • Product Docs: Product and feature documentation at
  • University Videos: FREE on-demand videos in Marketo University at
  • Webinars and Slides: FREE on-demand webinars available on our website
  • Product Demos: FREE live product demos you register for
  • Passport Classes: Live, virtual instructor-led classes that take place weekly. Requires a paid subscription (so no link provided below). Please contact to learn more.


And, don’t be overwhelmed by this list! Start from the top, make your way slowly through the list, or cherry-pick what’s most relevant.

A. New to Marketo

B. Marketing Automation Fundamentals and Best Practices

C. Navigating Your Instance


D. Content Design: Email Templates, Landing Pages, and Forms

E. Sending Your First Email

F. Building Programs with Best Practices

F. Understanding and Protecting Your Email Deliverability


G. Lead/Audience and Data Management

H. Lead Nurturing and Engagement Programs

I. Lead Scoring

J. Marketo Sales Insight (Available only with Salesforce or MS Dynamics Integrations)

K. Reporting and Analytics

L. Lead/Customer Lifecycle / Revenue Model

  • Revenue Cycle Model (Product Docs)
  • Lead Lifecycle (Passport Class, 1 hour)
  • Recommendations for Testing Your Acquisition Lifecycle (Blog Post)
  • Note: If you’re building a revenue model for the first time, it’s best to get assistance from a colleague, a consultant, or peers in the community. This is  a more advanced feature that works best if built with current best practices and thorough testing.

M. Electives

N. Additional Products and Features


This post is a work in progress. I’ll continue to update this as I discover additional resources, and we add to our body of education. I’d also like your help: If you’ve found a particular Marketo resource helpful, please share it in the comments below.