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You’ve completed your implementation, the previous system has been checked for any delta opt-out requests, all of the relevant programs and data have been migrated over and you’ve kicked off the process to begin sunsetting your old platform. So now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “What’s next?” This is where we left Naomi Liu, Director of Marketing Operations at Electronics For Imaging (EFI), in our last blog post covering her strategy to organize a global, cross-functional Marketo implementation.


Naomi’s team successfully launched their new Marketo instance on July 1st, just as the contract with their old platform was set to expire. In order to ensure there was plenty of buffer time, Naomi and her team were slated to complete their migration 1 week before their old system was shut off. This helped account for any unexpected delays or challenges as well as an opportunity to perform a reconciliation as dual systems were run for a period of approximately 6 weeks. Fortunately, everything went smoothly which left her and her team facing their next big challenge: internal technology adoption and education.


The Challenge

Up until this point, the Marketing Operations team kept stakeholders up to date via a steering committee call, where various leaders would attend a weekly meeting and provide input on implementation decisions. Now that Marketo was live, the team had to dive deeper and educate each business unit on the parts of Marketo that were relevant to them.


During this process, Naomi had 3 main objectives:

  • Educate herself on the new tech stack capabilities
  • Support her own Marketing Ops team as they went through training
  • Deliver training to each of the global business units


Always Start At Home

Naomi’s first step was to become a Marketo subject-matter-expert. During both the evaluation and the implementation phase, she was a regular reader of the forums and poured through documentation. Post go-live, this did not slow down and she spent months reading as much as possible and regularly explored the Marketo Product Docs and Community. Throughout this process, she also developed some good tips to be as effective as possible when ramping up her own team:


  • If you have multiple people on your marketing operations team, stagger when they attend the Core Concepts 1 and 2 courses – nobody on her team attended the same class with the same instructor. This way, team members may learn something different in their class from their specific instructor that they can share with the broader group.
  • Use Marketo University’s on-demand free training videos. These are short, digestible, and a good place for your team to start their Marketo education.
  • Whenever members of her team learned something new that they didn’t think the rest of the team knew, they would share them in a group setting during their weekly team calls.

Once she found her footing, Naomi turned to her next big task: developing a series of EFI specific training modules which she would deliver to her marketing business partners – sixteen to be exact!


Internal Training Roadshows

Since Naomi was working on a global scale, she decided to go on a roadshow-style tour to bring her training to each of her marketing business partners. At each office, she conducted in-person education sessions with multiple modules which were tailored to each business unit. Each module focused on a different aspect of Marketo and had a deck associated with it.


A sample of some of the modules are listed below:


Session Title


Marketing Operations Review

·       Marketing Operations team updates and responsibilities

·       Overview of Marketing Technology stack and processes

·       Campaign creation (end-to-end)

·       Review current processes to identify/bridge gaps

Marketo Walkthrough

·       High level walkthrough of Marketo

·       Campaign types and naming conventions

·       Marketo + CRM integration

Emails + Landing Pages

·       Overview of email and landing page templates

·       Examples of live landing pages

·       Email + landing page best practices

Event Management

·       Registration pages + iPad check-in app

Marketo Sales Insight

·       Sending and tracking emails from Marketo Sales Insight

·       MSI Outlook Plugin

Reporting and Analytics

·       Reporting walkthrough

·       Email, landing page and program performance

·       Building your own reports

·       Email and performance Insights

Content AI

·       Review Content AI functionality

·       Review assets eligible for Content AI

·       Map out process (when/where) to use


By adding in quizzes, using recorded video where possible, and keeping track of action items from each training session, Naomi managed to run 7 separate training sessions in 3.5 months and the feedback has been phenomenal. The approach that she took was that everyone is a steward of their own success and learning – that she was not there to talk at them but was there to bring them along a journey to level-up their digital marketing knowledge.


Now Naomi and her team are moving into day-to-day Marketo operations and have posted documentation for internal teams to access. How do you conduct your Marketo trainings? Comment below and let us know!

Onboarding Marketo can be a critical period for organizations to set themselves up for success and there are a lot of decisions to make about your Marketo instance. Sometimes it can be hard to know the best way to go about it. We asked our customer advocates on Purple Select and some new Marketo users through customer interviews for their advice to those who are starting out their implementation. Take a look at some of these awesome suggestions on how to make the onboarding process smoother!


  1. Make learning a priority! Set aside time each week to read the docs, log into the Community at least once a day, and check out the Marketo University videos.
  2. Your technical set up and planning can take longer than you think. Be sure to connect with your other teams (IT, Sales, etc.) as soon as you start your onboarding so you can get the support you need at the right time.
  3. Do your Core Concepts virtual training before meeting with your consultant so you can ask them more informed questions and make the most of your consulting hours.
  4. Make sure you plan out your CRM integration beforehand. It’s difficult to fix the sync once your systems have been connected, so make sure you get it right the first time!
  5. Often there is pressure from management to implement fast in order to begin generating ROI. However, to be successful with Marketo, you need to map a strategy out first and let that drive your implementation.
  6. There are many ways to accomplish something in Marketo. Understanding that early can help you realize there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to use the platform, but you can configure your instance so it works best for your business.
  7. Start simple in Marketo and then build up to more complex programs. Starting with the basics can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed.
  8. If you’re stuck, take a look at the Community. Chances are, someone’s faced the same challenges before.
  9. Don’t underestimate the importance of standardized naming conventions and organization in your instance! Be sure to have documentation of your internal best practices to maintain a clean and consistent instance.
  10. Training the rest of the organization and having the business invest in Marketo is just as important as the actual implementation.


A huge thank you to all our advocates who participated in this Purple Select challenge and spoke with our team about their experiences!




If you have more tips and tricks that you would like to share with us, this challenge is still available in Purple Select, so feel free to head over there and submit your advice. If you don't have a Purple Select account set up, you'll be excited to hear we just made it even easier to sign up! Our sign in page now has a "sign up" button near the bottom on the page that allows you to submit all of the necessary information. After a member of the Customer Marketing team confirms your nomination, you'll gain access to Purple Select! If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Will Harmon at and he will happily assist you!


I’ve often heard people say Marketo is like a Ferrari, Cadillac, [insert powerful sports car here] - there’s a lot you can do with it, but you have to know what you’re doing. For new Marketo users, this might seem intimidating, but the good news is there are a lot of resources to help you do that! At the same time, because there are so many places to learn about Marketo, it can feel overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. In this post, I provide a quick overview of educational resources you can use to learn about Marketo, how to navigate those spaces, and what kind of information you can expect to find in each place.


This is meant to serve as a quick guide for new users who don’t know where to look for answers to their questions, not as a comprehensive list of the resources that are available for Marketo users. Some of these may work better for some users/problems than others. If you still can’t find the answer to your question after checking these spaces, sometimes even a quick Google search can help surface useful content. Remember that there’s always more to learn about Marketo, so don’t be afraid to dive in.


Finally, if working in Marketo Customer Marketing has taught me nothing else, it’s that Marketo truly has the best, most passionate customers! Get out there and talk to your marketing peers and you might be surprised by how many new ideas, answers, and methods you’ll find. Many of them have been using Marketo for a long time and have a great deal of insight to share. And if you find something you think is neat, pay it forward and share your knowledge by posting in the Marketing Nation Community. Happy learning!


The resources I cover here are:

  • Marketing Nation Community
  • Marketo User Groups
  • Marketo Product Docs
  • Marketo University
  • Marketo Blog
  • Marketo Resources
  • Marketo LaunchPoint Partners



Marketing Nation Community

How do I access this information?

You can find the Community home page here. Alternatively, once you’re logged into your Marketo instance, you can click on the Community tab in the upper right hand corner or the Community tile on the home page.



You don’t need a Marketo login to search and view non-private spaces on the Community but in order to engage with posts or post content yourself, you’ll need to log in with your Marketo username and password.


What type of information can I find here?

The Marketing Nation Community is a place where tens of thousands of marketers around the world come together to share inspiration, knowledge, ideas, and best practices with peers and experts. You’ll find videos, blog posts, Marketo User Groups, and much more in this interactive, wide-reaching forum.


The Community is also home to the Support portal (found under the Support tab). Here, you can submit a support case, access Knowledge Base articles, and chat with a Support representative.


Who contributes/creates content here?

Anyone with a Marketo login— including Marketo customers, partners, and employees— can contribute content to the Marketing Nation Community. Be sure to take a look at the Community Guidelines before logging on and posting.


How do I navigate the space?

Once you log into the Community you’ll see the following:

  1. Your News Feed on the main screen: here are the top and trending pieces of content from the Community. By clicking just above the feed, you can toggle between News (newer content) and All Activity on the forum.
  2. The Notifications icon (a bell) in the upper right hand corner: this will light up if you are mentioned in a post, someone answers a comment of yours, an event you’re attending is updated, among others.
  3. Your Profile icon in the upper right hand corner: Clicking on this will allow you to navigate to your profile, settings, and preferences. It is best practice to add a picture of yourself in your profile.
  4. The Actions icon (a pencil) in the upper right hand corner: Click on this to create any type of content or group, or to see your Support cases.
  5. The search feature in the upper right hand corner: Search through discussions, questions, posts, and groups throughout the Community by typing in keywords.
  6. Five elements on the Navigation Bar at the top of the screen:
    • Discussions: Find and post your discussions here. Use the categories on the left-hand side to search by topic or use the filters to look for anything specific. Have a neat idea to suggest? Toggle over to the Ideas side of the Discussions tab and share it with the Marketing Nation!
    • Support: Read through the support blog, submit a case, take a look at Knowledge Base articles, and much more at the Support portal. Access Support content by clicking on the Content sub-tab at the top of the space.
    • Blogs: Check out the blog written by Marketo employees, the blog written by Marketo’s Champion expert users, and those of other peers in the Marketing Nation.
      • Note: this is not to be confused with the Marketo Blog, covered later in this post.
    • User Groups: Search for and “Follow” your particular User Group.
    • Marketo University: Find training videos, dive deeper into Learnings Paths, discover Marketo Certified Expert exam study tools, and more on the Marketo University tab.


Not sure where to start? Take a look at this peer video for Tips & Tricks to Get More From the Marketo Community Online.


Note: You can subscribe to email updates on the latest in Community by going to your Preferences.



Marketo User Groups (MUGs)

How do I access this information?

Find your local or virtual Marketo User Group (MUG) on the Marketing Nation Community under the User Groups tab. Sign up for emails about specific MUGs on the MUG Sign Up page. Attend a MUG and make those peer connections! There are in-person User Groups available globally and some virtual MUGs as well for those who do not have a regional MUG in their area.


What type of information can I find here?

MUG meetings can tackle a broad range of content, depending on the users that attend them and the MUG Leader(s) that organize them. MUG events have covered topics like ABM, data hygiene, GDPR, common Marketo pitfalls, MarTech Stacks, reporting in Marketo, and more. If you want to hear about a particular topic, let your MUG leader(s) know!


These are also great places to network with other Marketo users. Connecting with peers can help you find creative solutions to your roadblocks or even your next big campaign idea.


Who contributes/creates content here?

While the Marketo User Group program is funded and coordinated by Marketo, MUG events are led by Marketo users for Marketo users. However, MUG leaders may arrange for speakers who are Marketo employees, customers, and/or partners. MUG meetings and Community groups are a space for users to ask questions and have conversations with local Marketo users who are part of their group. Every MUG is different and if there’s a topic or speaker you would like to hear from your MUG, let your MUG leader(s) know!


Note: MUGs are spaces for knowledge sharing and networking. Selling or pitching of any kind is not allowed.


How do I navigate the space?

You can interact with the MUG spaces on the Community in a number of ways:

  1. In order to join a MUG, find your specific group on the Community and “Follow” it.
  2. Check out upcoming events and the User Group leaders on the right hand side.
  3. You can find the latest questions and discussions on the main activity feed of the group.
  4. See posted content by clicking the Content tab towards the top of the group page.
  5. Post your own content by selecting the appropriate format above the activity feed.


Before attending a MUG, be sure to take a look at the Marketo User Group Code of Conduct. These are a global resource for users around the world and meant to be spaces for users to grow their knowledge and get to know each other. Check out a MUG today!

Marketo Product Docs

How do I access this information?

Access the Marketo Product Docs on the Product Documentation site.

Product documentation for Marketo Sky, the new UI, can be found at the Marketo Help Center.



All Marketo Product Docs are public.


What type of information can I find here?

The Marketo Product Docs provide great “How to” walk throughs and checklists for Marketo tasks. Through the Home Page, users can also find Product Update News and Product Release Notes.


Who contributes/creates content here?

All Marketo Product Docs are produced by the Marketo Product and Documentation Team. Users can provide feedback on articles through the “Article Feedback” button at the bottom of each page.


How do I navigate the space?

The Marketo Product Docs site has a search function. Users can also peruse related topics using the tree on the left hand side. Don’t know where to start? Click on “Getting Started” on the left side of the home page to see some beginner topics.

Marketo University

How do I access this information?

Check out the Marketo University site. You can also find Marketo University resources by clicking on the Marketo University tab in Marketing Nation Community.


What type of information can I find here?

Marketo University offers a full range of training and resources, providing you with various training options. Choose the format that works best for you and your team from methods such as self-paced on-demand free training videos, guided learning paths, instructor-led training courses, subscriptions, study tools for Marketo Certification and more.



Who contributes/creates content here?

Marketo University content is created by the Marketo Education team.


How do I navigate the space?

On the Marketo University site, you can see pre-set learning paths that accommodate users with varying Marketo skills sets. Click on the Free Training section to access videos that provide foundational training for a number of Marketo features. Click on the course catalog tile to browse the instructor-led trainings available, from configuring Marketo to using Marketo analytics. Take a look at the Certification section to find out more about the available Marketo certifications, like the MCA, MCE, and MCSA.

In the Marketing Nation Community, access University content through the Marketo University tab at the top of the Community.


Becoming a Marketo Certified Expert is a great way to differentiate yourself from others in your field and advance your career. Want to get Marketo certified? Take a look at these certification resources.

Marketo Resources Page

How do I access this information?

On the main Marketo site, click on the Resources tab at the top of the page.


What type of information can I find here?

The Marketo Resources page houses definitive guides, industry reports, on-demand webinars and much more!


Who contributes/creates content here?

All content on the Resources page is produced by various teams at Marketo. Depending on the content type, the resource may include information from a Marketo partner or customer, or an industry professional.


How do I navigate the space?

Content can be filtered based on topic and type. By hovering over the Resources link in the top navigation bar, users can access live demos, the Community, the Marketo blog, upcoming events and webinars, and more.


Marketo Blog & CMO Nation

How do I access this information?

You can find our blog content on the Marketo Blog site. You can also find a link to the blog in the upper right hand corner of the Marketo login page.


CMO Nation, our blog geared towards executive content, is linked at the top of the Marketo blog and can be found at the CMO Nation site.


What type of information can I find here?

The Marketo Blog is focused on thought leadership and business strategy. This site does not include any product- or sales-focused content. CMO Nation has higher-level content written by and for executives. Find content on digital marketing trends, engagement strategies, customer marketing, and much more.


Who contributes/creates content here?

Anyone can contribute to the Marketo blog! If you’re interested in submitting a finalized piece of content for consideration, please email Katrina Niemisto at CMO Nation is not accepting content at this time.


How do I navigate the space?

Besides the new and featured articles on the Marketo Blog home page, here are a few things to note:

  1. You can toggle between the Marketo Blog and CMO Nation using the navigation bar at the top of the site.
  2. In the upper right hand corner, you can find the keyword search function and the Blog Menu (a list of topics covered by the site’s articles).
  3. On the left hand side of the Marketo Blog, you can also sign up for a blog subscription for free.

Marketo LaunchPoint Partners

How do I access this information?

Learn more about Marketo LaunchPoint by visiting the LaunchPoint home page. Users can also find a link to the LaunchPoint site on the Marketo login page in the upper right hand corner.


What type of information can I find here?

The Marketo LaunchPoint Program showcases partner software and services that complement Marketo. The LaunchPoint site helps users find and learn about application and service partners that fit their needs. Partners who wish to apply for the program can find more information about that process on this site as well.


Who contributes/creates content here?

This content is produced by the Marketo Partner Team and Marketo partners.


How do I navigate the space?

On the Marketo LaunchPoint home page (new format as of 2019) you can:

  1. Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to search categories, use a stack builder tool to find the right partners for your needs, and learn more about the LaunchPoint ecosystem.
  2. Type keywords into the search bar to find particular partners.
  3. Segment available partners by applications/services, topic categories, region, featured partners, and more.
  4. Click on each partner for more information about their technology and services, and submit a form if you would like them to contact you.

New Launchpoint Site 2019_Annotated.png



Find any other resources that you think people should check out? Have a favorite resource or tip for learning Marketo? Post in the comments below!


To regularly receive content to help you through your Marketo onboarding and implementation, sign up for the Marketo Jumpstart series.