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Announcement 1 Winter Holiday Shutdown
Announcement:Winter Holiday Shutdown

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Mykhailo Starodynov
Hello,   We have a bunch of different third-party systems that create the leads through API calls. Our system needs to handle new leads differently based on the lead source (specific API users) at the lead creation webhook. For that, we need to get an email or username of lead creator API user. Does Marketo have any solution

Amanda Opitz
Hello,   I'm exploring nested programs in nurture programs and would just like some help/clarity on a few things.    We'd like to send out a series of blogs, where the member will receive the next blog regardless of interaction. We only have two of the blogs written so far, so I've put those in an initial "Pre-Launch" stream.
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Ville Salomaa
Hello,   Is there a way to capture the very first visit of a certain web page?   I could just create a trigger campaign and set the flow to only once, but that would just capture any visit after activation? How can I also ensure that any visit prior to activation is also accounted for?   Ideally would like the logic to