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Announcement 1 Winter Holiday Shutdown
Announcement:Winter Holiday Shutdown

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Alfie Dawson
I'm looking for a solution to offer ungated content to people with qualified lead scores automatically - rather than creating two versions of the landing page and distributing dependent on lead score.   Is there a way if there's a known user that we don't show a lead form but just a "download here"?

Stepan Egorov
When you nest programs in your engagement programs, Marketo doesn't allow you to send emails on recipient's time zone. And we use nested programs to filter out those users who've already downloaded the content we're sending them.   Any way to circumvent this?   From what I've heard (and I'm just starting off with Marketo), all the
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     I'm doing research on automating lead scores I took a look at Marketo's "Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring." My goal is to have the total lead score update automatically when demographic and behavioral scores are changed (demographic + behavioral = total lead score). Does anyone know how to do this (which was specified