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Leah Hurt
We are trying to move several thousand contacts in our Salesforce instance and reupload them back as leads while retaining their historical info. In doing this, it creates a duplicate record in Marketo only (the contact is deleted from Salesforce after the data is uploaded as a lead), and it seems we're having to merge the two records in Marketo

Dan Stevens.
We have an event that will allow the registrant to select a specific date and time for which to meet with us.  We'd like to include these values within the calendar reminder that gets sent in the confirmation email.  Is it possible to include dynamic dates/times in a calendar file?
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Marc Comption
#if( $lead.dSSiteID == "3670" )      #set( $ScriptTokenTEST = "" )     <a href = "https://${ScriptTokenTEST}">Big Star Honda</a> #elseif( $lead.dSSiteID == "2289" )      #set( $ScriptTokenTEST = "" )
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Lucas Metherall
Hello,    I am building newsletters based on templates, one for Aus and one for NZ. Aus and NZ are separate workspaces in our Marketo. I have built the Aus version, and want to clone it to the NZ workspace to localise. When I try I get an error message, saying it can't be cloned becasue an asset is in use or being used. What is the best